Because nobody likes to spend much time on filling in their hours

The challenge

After WoodWings third party hour registration software went down under, there was need for a replacement. As a quick solution the company started using SRXP. This did the job but was not very user friendly for the employees because it’s an expense reporting tool which is not designed for hour registration. 

As part of a hackathon I then designed a web app that people within the company could use to easily fill in their hours. The app gives the users overview of their month and sends data to SRXP. This way, employees and the finance department could start using the software right away.

Because I felt that the software had more potential and I liked the concept, I decided to also design the Timeshiet mobile app concept.

User Profiles

Information Architecture



Login & Onboarding

Users first log in with their SRXP account. If it’s their first time, they will be asked a couple of questions to determine their work schedule. This will come in use later when filling in the monthly hours.

Getting started

The user will start at an overview of the current year. Each month has a card with information about their progress. From here users can access the navigation menu or select a month and go to the monthly overview with a calendar.

Easily add projects to your workdays

Users can scroll through the days in the week overview and add their projects with the hours spend on it. When adding a project, users have the option to apply those hours to all their workdays of that month. The system will be able to do this because of the information gathered during the onboarding process. Users can also choose to just copy their hours to specific days from that week.

Submit your entry

Once a day is filled in, the date becomes green on the calendar. This gives the user a clear overview of their month.

The card of a week also becomes green once it’s completely filled in.

Once the user is done, the entries can be submitted and the user is send back to the year overview.