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I’m an all-round designer that likes to create all kinds of cool stuff. I have a broad interest in different fields of online media and I am always willing to learn new things to integrate these into projects. Whenever I tell people that my specialty is UI & UX design, there are many that immediately think of a web designer. Yes, most projects are web related but User Experience design applies to products and services of all kinds.

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UI & UX design is about more than designing, researching and testing. Throughout the development of a system it is also important to have the ability to work collaboratively within a team. By listening to each idea, concern and opinion it is imperative  to be both confident and comfortable guiding a team not only by solving potential issues but also by bringing out the best in each and every one of them.

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Graphic Design

Research and user testing

User Interface Design

Creating an User Interface

The idea

The foundation of a successful user experience is a clearly articulated strategy. In the beginning it is important to know what we want our final product to accomplish for both the organization and more importantly, the users. With user research and bench-marking we can develop persona’s and conceptual models to create an user-centered design. What this means is, to take the user into account every step of the way as we develop the product.


With a clear sense of what we want and what our users want, we can figure out how to satisfy all those strategic objectives. In this phase we translate user needs and product objectives into specific requirements for what content and functionality the product will offer to users.


After the requirements have been defined and prioritized, we then have a clear picture of what will be included in the final product. The requirements however, do not describe how the pieces fit together to form a cohesive whole. By developing an information architecture with interaction design, we define how users communicate with the product.

We further refine the structure by building wireframes. This is called Interface and navigation design. It’s all about selecting the right interface elements for the task the user is trying to accomplish and arranging them on the screen.


Prototypes make the system truly come alive! When the designs are ready they will be made clickable so that even more user testing can be done. These prototypes will also give the programmers a clear picture of how the system should look and behave. The focus during this particular process will be on designing a clean and modern interface that provides the look and feel of the final product.


Even though testing is an important part during the development of the system, it doesn’t stop when the first version of the system is released. It is crucial that we keep gathering information from the users to keep improving the system, this way the amount of user errors is kept at an absolute minimum.

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